Shanghai, the early days
I first went to China - as a guest of the Foreign Experts Bureau - to teach at the Shanghai Jiaotong University Management School from 1990-1994. Shanghai in the early 1990s was very different than it is now. There were no supermarkets, no McDonalds, one KFC outlet and only one bakery in town that sold bread. No store had milk. A two liter bottle of Sprite cost fifteen yuan ( a little less than $ 2.00 at the current exchange rate). Monthly rent on a State subsidized apartment was six yuan ( about $0.75 at the current exchange rate). I used to enjoy pointing out that China was probably the only country in the world where an apartment was cheaper than a bottle of Sprite.

Consumer goods manufacturing
After five years in China I returned to the US to finish a Masters Degree at Columbia University and then headed back to Shanghai to manage the office of a major American home textiles company, where I was the only American in an office of 50 people from China, Bangladesh and Nepal. I worked extensively on home textile programs for big box American retailers and was a presence at soft and hard goods factories around Shanghai.

I have since worked in the ceramics, gifts and furniture industries and my experience encompasses sourcing, product development, management and logistics. I bring to a company what so many companies that do business in Asia lack, namely someone with superior foreign language skills, cultural sensitivity and many years of on the ground experience.


BA The University of Michigan
MA Columbia University