I was mentioned in a talk given by the Founder/CEO of So Young, the popular line of lunch bags for kids recently

Podcast with a popular small business website about sourcing in China. From Feb 2016

I was asked by the Business School at the Chinese University of Hong Kong to do an interview for a feature in their June Newsletter. The article was on Guanxi which is the Chinese term for “connections.” Suffice it to say when you do business in China you need guanxi. The Chinese University of Hong Kong is one of the premier universities in Asia and is ranked 39th in the world according to a survey released by the UK Guardian. Here is the interview:

A procurement software company wanted to interview me for their blog. Here is a good precis of what it means to do business in China. I assumed they would proof it before publishing on their website but I was mistaken. I have learned my lesson: next time I will proof it myself.
Here is the interview

The Fall Canton Fair is coming up in October. Click here to read about my trips to the Canton Fair. This is by far the best place to get started in China.