Factory # 2 was in Shenzhen. This was a very impressive medium-size factory owned by a Taiwanese family based in Boston, MA. This factory manufactures a wide array of consumer goods, including kids items and apparel, for both the Japanese and North American markets. The FTY was very clean and well-organized perhaps because "Sophie" has spent most of her life in the US. What I liked best about this FTY was the fact that there were QC manuals taped to the walls in just about every workshop. Of course a lot of this may just be window dressing in anticipation of inspections from big US and Canadian customers but I did feel that this was a particularly well-run factory. Unfortunately factories like this face many challenges these days: orders are down because of the Global Recession, factories have had to lay-off workers and yet have trouble hiring them back because so many workers have returned to their villages in other provinces. At some point in the future I imagine that Sophie will have to move her factory to eastern China in order to meet the demands of her customers for low costs.