The theme of this fall's fair was dog toys and doormats. One of my customers flew to China from the US to walk the fair with me for a few days. It was his first time at the fair and he had an amazing and productive time. We worked with vendors on product design for dog toys and costing for injection molded product. I divided my time between him and a customer of mine in NJ who wanted me to source flooring. Of course, I have to learn some specialized Chinese for these projects. But that is what makes it so fun. I learned how to say "thermoelectric welding" for this trip and it came up during the course of one of my visits. I was quite gratified by that. The weather was great and I had a couple of good meals. Unfortunately one is usually so worn out after walking the fair all day that going out to eat is not an option. But I did manage to walk around and find a good bowl of noodles on my last night in Guangzhou.