My supply chain support services are meant to ensure that you find better vendors, enjoy better communication and are able to deliver better product to your customers. For a brief description of my services please refer to the sidebar menu.


  1. I am not an agent. I do not have commission-based relationships with my clients or the vendors I work with.
  2. I have over twenty years of experience working with China.
  3. I have worked as an employee in both Chinese and American companies and I understand the respective corporate cultures.
  4. I can work on a project basis or an hourly basis to accommodate your needs and budget.
  5. I will not overbook clients unlike larger consulting agencies who work with multiple clients at a time and often subcontract jobs to third parties.
  6. I previously lived in China for seven years and know how to get around.
  7. I am available on short-notice for China visits.
  8. My rates are very reasonable and my services more personalized than those of larger consulting agencies. I make myself available 24/7.
  9. I am based in Tokyo making me that much closer to your production in China.
  10. I am a native English speaker so nothing will be lost in translation.