If you want to deliver quality product to your customers, you must inspect your orders before they leave China. Unfortunately, most small to mid-sized companies do not have the resources to conduct their own inspections and they must rely on vendor or third-party inspections.

Relying on your vendors to inspect product is fraught with risk. In general vendors are focused on short-term gain and want to ship out product as quickly as possible. Nor do they understand the sometimes sophisticated markets for which their products are destined. What may be acceptable stitching to your vendor, for example, may not be acceptable to you or your customer.

Using a third-party inspection firm in China is an alternative to vendor-led inspections. Yet many third-party inspection firms do not work closely with you to understand your product. They are also sometimes stretched so thin on inspections that they will sub-contract an inspection to local inspectors. The risk here as well is that you will receive product which you cannot deliver to your customers.

I can do inspections on-site in China or I can refer you to competent inspectors who have worked with my clients before.