I have sourced a variety of product in China over twenty years including;

  1. packaging
  2. home textiles
  3. baby and children's products
  4. furniture
  5. ceramics
  6. decorative accessories
  7. sporting goods
  8. woven bags
  9. office supplies
  10. gift and decorative baskets
  11. pet toys

I source via trade shows, the internet and professional contacts from positions I previously held. Without a doubt, finding suppliers via referrals and/or trade shows is the single best way to locate competent business partners in China, for there are just too many suppliers to choose from otherwise.

Having worked with factories in six provinces or regions over the years, I am very familiar with the geography of China and I understand the benefits and drawbacks of doing business in certain areas, from utility quotas to labor costs to the proximity of ports and major cities. I am always available to travel to China to meet with prospective vendors and conduct factory audits. Once again, there is no substitute for communicating directly with the vendor and seeing their facility first-hand before you do any business with them. Remember, you are sourcing not only good products but reliable vendors.