My goal in a sourcing project is to help you find better vendors so you can deliver better product to your customers. The first step on a project is to make sure that you understand your product and costs before we approach vendors overseas, a critical requirement for successful sourcing. Therefore, the first thing we do is to create a Specifications Sheet aka spec sheet which contains all product information, packaging and target costs and order QTYs. Approaching vendors with an RFQ ( Request for Quote) without a spec sheet for the product you are asking them to quote on, sends vendors a message that you are not organized and probably do not understand the depths of your own product. I will then spend between 15-20 hrs locating and evaluating between 10-20 vendors based on my 8-Step Sourcing Process. Samples are then requested from those vendors who are in the neighborhood on target costs and who seem to be the most responsive. A typical sourcing project generally runs from 6-8 weeks. Clients are responsible for all sample fees and postage charges. I will be happy to provide references once you have decided to work with me.

I have sourced a variety of product in China over twenty years including;

  • 1. packaging
  • 2. home textiles
  • 3. baby and children's products
  • 4. furniture
  • 5. ceramics
  • 6. decorative accessories
  • 7. woven bags
  • 8. office supplies
  • 9. gift and decorative baskets
  • 10. pet toys

  • Feel free to run your project by me.

    I am also available to travel to China for trade shows, vendor visits and inspections. These are occasion when you really need to travel to China yourself ( after all it is your business) but if for some reason you are unable to do so, I can go in your place as I have done for many companies over the years. Please see the sidebar for more information. There are also photos from my trade show visits and Inspections here.