" Thank you again for all your assistance! You have been such a valuable resource and I will be happy to refer you to anyone I come across ! "
-from a children's accessories company in Calif.

" It is truly a pleasure working with you - I greatly appreciate your forward thinking, your advice, and your expertise. "
- from a children's products company in Toronto regarding a China sourcing project.

" …thanks for all the work - given that it was hard to stay on your feet -- excellent work!! "
- from a British gifts company whose Japan distribution project I was working on when the Japan quake struck in March 2011.

" ….great job on the customs work, now we have straightforward answers to work with in the future. "
- from an agricultural products company in Georgia regarding a Japan distribution project.

" I can tell you really care about the work you do! "
- from a tote bags company in Chicago for whom I had outlined a project.

" Thank you for the excellent service, Sam. I appreciate the time you put in and your professionalism. "
- from a home furnishings company in New Jersey on whose behalf I attended the Canton Fair.

" Thank you for your guidance and passion for our product. "
- from a children's products company in Buffalo.

" The only reason this project has stayed somewhat on track up to now is because of your organization and follow-thru. I really appreciate all of your hard work and late nights/early mornings. "
- from a designer in NYC.

" I would crawl across a mile of broken glass to talk to you. "
- from a customer in Toronto.